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Why choose a .com?

Discover why millions of businesses choose .com to support their online presence.


How To Use a .com Domain Name

Domain Forwarding

Web Address for Your Social Media or E-Commerce Page

Enable customers to easily find your social media page or e-commerce shop by using a memorable .com domain name to direct visitors to your existing social or e-commerce accounts – no need to create a website.

How to Forward a Domain Name Four Ways to Use Domain Forwarding Video: How to use domain redirection for your social media or e-commerce page.
Web Address for Your Social Media or E-Commerce Page
Custom Business Email Address
Branded Email Address

Custom Business Email Address

Help boost your credibility by creating a custom .com email address for your business. A custom email address can help you appear more credible to both new and prospective customers while promoting your business in all your communications.

How to Create a Custom Business Email Address Benefits of a Custom Business Email Address Video: How to set up a branded email address
Web Address

Website With a .com Domain Name

Make a home for your business online – build a website with a .com domain name. Not only do you benefit from the trust and recognition of a .com domain name, you’re providing your customers with an easy way to find, access and interact with your business.

Checklist: Building a website Video: How to create your website
Website With a .com Domain Name

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